Why in the world would you buy a Guest House? I have asked myself that question many times in the past three years. Well here is the story of how it came about.

Jon and I had been coming to the Southern Highlands for many years, we loved the lush green countryside and the quiet village lifestyle.

The decision was made, out of all the villages Bundanoon was our favourite, we would look for a small cottage that we could use as a holiday house for our children and grandchildren, this was the perfect location halfway between Canberra and Sydney.

Well that’s how it started, we looked at many small cottages and while we were poking around we noticed the rambling old guest house for sale and I thought why not, let’s take a look, no harm in looking.

That decision was life-changing, the old house and garden were in a bit of a state. She had never been a grand home but she was gentle and needy, desperate for someone to save her. A connection had been made and it was hard to ignore.

We went back to Sydney and resumed our lives.  We agonised over whether we should commit to the purchase of the property, many times we thought this is all too hard, let’s just let it go and continue with our lives.

Maybe the difficult purchase of the Guest House was a test to make sure we had the staying power to tackle the challenging future we had ahead of us.

It was about 9 months later that we became the proud owners of what was known as Tree Tops Guest House. One of the last remaining Original Guest Houses circa 1910.

August 10 2015, we take possession, arrival time 6 pm, weather freezing, house cold dark and miserable. (what had we done?)


The bundanoon guest house story