Notes from Eon.

Kitchen under pressure!

Winters bitter thrills turn us to comfort – fires, food, and a fulfilling snug environment.

Out comes the pressure cooker!

Soups, braises, fruits, and desserts, ready in a shot and perfectly cooked.

With some trial and error timing, liquid measures and additional flavours are refined and adapted.

I throw myself into the joy of (almost) instant cooking with my beloved pressure cooker. Last week my friend Ratna showed me the Indian way to pressure cook chickpeas to perfection in minutes. Bliss!

My darling neighbour “M” dumped a load of quinces on my doorstep. 40 minutes later beautiful blushing pink poached quinces cooked to perfection. Thank you “M”, I can’t wait for the cumquats!

On today’s pressure cooker menu was pea and ham soup (for the freezer) followed by a corned beef dinner. Love one pot cooking!

Long slow braising is great…if you have the time.

Choose the cooker that best suits your requirements or abilities. Electronic versions come packed with foolproof programmes. I have opted for the more organic stove top Scanpan model.

Throw out the childhood horrors of the exploding ancient contraptions our mothers and grandmothers used. Today’s versions are safe, reliable and more exacting.

Enjoy cooking under pressure!