The Bundanoon Guest House garden dates back to the when house was built in 1925. Camellia, Rhododendron, Hellebores and Anemone give the garden a woodland feel. It is a place that reflects the seasons with established trees shading seating areas in summer and catching the warmth of the winter sun. There is always an outdoor space to bask in the sun or shade, have a picnic, enjoy an outdoor meal or cup of something nourishing with one of Lucie’s fresh scones or just relax with a book. There is also a fresh herb and vegetable garden providing fresh ingredients for the kitchen.

Previous owners of the Guest House have added their own touches. Jon and Della Fitzroy reclaimed much of the over grown garden and discovered the sandstone paths. They added a tree fern corner under the protection of a Heritage listed Himalayan cedar (Cedrus deodara), a Japanese influenced outdoor dining space and much, much more. Tim and Lucie are adding their own legacy by repairing the beautiful local sandstone pathways laced throughout the garden, planting many hydrangeas and other flowers for cutting and displaying inside the house. They have also planted future significant trees such as Gingko biloba, crepe myrtles, maples and magnolia to add seasonal colour and structure.

Over the years the garden has been the setting for intimate weddings, magical children’s parties, Bar-B-Que’s and outdoor activities for corporate groups whilst attending conferences at the Guest House.

There is always something new to witness in the garden. The thick layer of autumn leaves after a vivid display of colour, the delicate patterns of icicles after a frost, the elegant intensity of the wisteria walk, the heady smell of masses of spring bulbs or the perfection of a freshly blooming rose. It is a garden to experience as a part of your time at The Bundanoon Guest House.

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